The Liberty is a great platform for modifications with plenty available on the aftermarket. Because the Subaru boxer engine has been around for such a long time it has enabled modifiers to build quick an arsenel of tips and tricks to extract more power and performance from your Liberty.

Subaru Liberty Exhaust and Muffler change

This is a common first modification for many Subaru owners as it can give the car a better sound with a new exhaust and release a few hidden kilowatts at the same time. Many owners start with changing the rear muffler for a more freely flowing version. The next point is usually a cat back exhaust, after that there is a system from the turbo or headers back.

Subaru Liberty Lowering

Many owner prefer the look of a lowered Liberty. The lowering should be dome with caution and keep in mind that it will make the car harder to drive on steeper drive ways and over speed bumps.

Subaru Liberty ECU upgrade

Upgrades to the Subaru Liberty ECU mean changing the settings in the onboard computer of the car. Sometimes modifiers increase the amount of turbo boost pressure created which increases power and torque.

Subaru Liberty body kit

A Subaru Liberty body kit can be used to change the look the car. Spoilers and wings can be added, but must be done tastefully otherwise the look of the car styling and be destroyed pretty badly.
There are a range of companies that develop bolt-on body kits for cars. Check in your local area for Subaru specialists and they could point you in the right direction for help.